Code of Conduct

All members of BTS Soccer School are required to adhere to a minimum standard of conduct to ensure a safe and enjoyable soccer experience for all members and spectators.

For Parents

  1. Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  2. Applaud good performance and effort by all players. When watching a game congratulate both teams upon their performance regardless of the outcome.
  3. Show respect for your team’s coach, the referee and opponents.
  4. Parents should always be mindful that the coach alone will decide on team formations, substitutions, match day strategies, and decision making and at NO TIME should they interfere with the way in which the coach approaches each individual game.
  5. Teach your child that an honest effort is as important as victory so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.
  6. Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  7. NEVER ridicule or shout at a child for making a mistake, not trying hard enough or losing a game.
  8. NEVER make negative or critical comments. Positive comments are motivational.
  9. Support all efforts to remove any negative verbal comments or abuse, no matter who it is directed to – players, opposing players, officials or coaches.
  10. Avoid using any derogatory language.
  11. If you disagree with an official/coach, raise the issue through the appropriate channel rather than questioning the officials/coaches judgement in public.
  12. Overall, act as a positive role-model for your child to follow.

For Players

When training or playing, every player of BTS Soccer School must arrive on time, in the full uniform provided by the club (shirt, shorts and socks) and wear shin pads and appropriate footwear depending on the facility being used.

  1. Play by the rules. Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your captain, coach or manager respectfully and politely approach the official during the break at the appropriate time.
  2. Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will yours.
  3. Be a good sport. Applaud all good play whether it is from your team or the opposition.
  4. Co-operate with your team coach, team-mates and opponents. Without them there would be no game.
  5. Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted.
  6. Treat all players, as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere with, bully or take unfair advantage of another player.
  7. Avoid using any derogatory language.



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