Current Courses

Training Options:  Learn to play Brasilian football!

The Top Skills program is open to all ages and levels and students can join at any time. Sessions are held at King’s Park, USRC and Tung Chung, 6 days a week. Coaches will suggest the best sessions for each student in order for them to gain the most from our sessions.

Training programs include co-ordination and balance work, ball control, passing, shooting, dribbling and technique refining. As well as individual skills work, there will be plenty of time for match practice and teamwork, implemented through a variety of fun games and drills.

A low coach-student ratio is maintained at all our classes in order to maximise student progress and technique development. Solid, notable improvement (while having fun!) is our focus.

BTS offers students the chance to join our high performance tournament squads for HKJFL entry at U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 and U13 age groups. In addition, teams also participate in other tournaments In Hong Kong and overseas including the Adidas Cup and the Citibank International HK 7’s.

Older age groups play regular friendlies against the best teams in Hong Kong and players also have the opportunity to represent Eastern Salon, HK Premier League side’s U16 team in the HKFA Henderson League.


Regular Training Programs

Location : King’s Park

Day Age Group Timings
Monday 6-16 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Wednesday 6-16 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Friday 6-16 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm

Location : USRC

Age: 3-6 yrs
Day Age Group Timings
Monday 3-6 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Wednesday 3-6 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Friday 3-6 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Saturday 3-6 yrs 9:30am To 11:00am
Age: 6-13 yrs
Day Age Group Timings
Tuesday 8-9 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Thursday 10-11 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Saturday 6-10 yrs 8:00am To 9:30am
Saturday 12-13 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm

Location : Tung Chung (YMCA)

Day Age Group Timings
Saturday 8-12 and 13-16 yrs 3:00pm To 5:00pm

Location : Quarry Bay Park, Tai Koo Shing

Day Age Group Timings
Tuesday 6-16 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm
Thursday 6-16 yrs 4:30pm To 6:00pm

Location : American International School

Day Age Group Timings
Thursday 6-10 yrs 3:15pm To 4:15pm

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Private Coaching :

Tailored to the specific goals and needs of the individual

Private coaching sessions with our Director and Head Coach Eder Ferreira are intensive one-to-one classes used to develop a player’s technique, shooting skills, co-ordination and fitness.

Eder is known throughout Hong Kong as the number one technique development coach for junior players with an extremely high success rate in bringing out the individual skills in his students.

Under his guidance, several of Eder’s private students have gone on to receive Soccer Scholarships to colleges in the UK and USA and train with both the Hong Kong Men’s and Women’s National teams.

Eder is an ex-professional soccer player with 13-years experience playing at the highest level in Brasil, Mexico, Portugal, China and Hong Kong. He is a Brasilian national who is dedicated to passing on what he has learned though out his career. Coached under Jose Mourinho during his time in Portugal, Eder acquired the focus and determination to coach with passion – ensuring his students success.

His exceptional playing career and highest level of international coaching certification mean that he can offer what other coaches in Hong Kong simply cannot.

Due to the extremely high demand for Eder’s private coaching, sessions are limited and are arranged on an individual basis.

Please contact us for scheduling enquires.